Real Magic Realism

You're in Guatemala, in a minibus apparently powered by reggae and with an air conditioning system that is approximately as effective at cooling air as a child blowing into an oven. The road is cracked and uneven, baked dry by months of relentless sun, and as you sweep towards Belize the bare tyres of the… Continue reading Real Magic Realism


No-one Cares

Written for a flash fiction challenge - word limit of 350 words, title "No-one Cares".“Did you hear the news?”“About the assassination?”“Attemptedassassination.”“I heard about it on the radio. Terrible, isn’t it?”“Awful.”“I can barely believe it.”“Did you hear how they did it?”“They planted a bomb, didn’t they?”“They planted a bomb in a briefcase.”“Oh, a briefcase, yes. I… Continue reading No-one Cares