All’s Wells Read That Ends Wells Read

I blogged recently about recording some short stories for the Tunbridge Wells 2012 Electric Lantern Festival with Sam Marlow. Well, the recordings have now been edited and electronically jiggered into mp3 files that you can download and listen to, and I've also converted the stories into ebook formats that you can download from Smashwords:After Jeff… Continue reading All’s Wells Read That Ends Wells Read


The Reality Machines

See the green door? The little green door like an entrance to a hobbit hole? Padlock, veins of lichen running up it like rust? Yeah? See the stones on the ground? The paving stones that look like broken toffee? Stand on them. Stand on them, hold your breath and try to feel. With your feet, try to feel with your feet. It’s difficult at first, but just wait. It’s there, underneath. You can feel it. It being vibrations. Big, sticky, echoey vibrations, like the ground itself is kind of simmering. All the time. It’s like a kind of energy. Don’t stand on it for too long, though. It’s no good for you. It’ll mess you up.


After Jeff Goldblum And The Ripples In The Water

The old Cannon Cinema was where he went on his first ever date. A girl who drew bouncy cartoons called him up one day and said to him do you want to go to the cinema with me, and he said yes without even thinking, without even checking what the film was, and when she called him a day or two later and told him that they were going to see Jurassic Park he still said yes, said it twice in fact, even though he’d already seen it and he knew which of the characters would be crushed and torn apart and eaten.