All’s Wells Read That Ends Wells Read

I blogged recently about recording some short stories for the Tunbridge Wells 2012 Electric Lantern Festival with Sam Marlow. Well, the recordings have now been edited and electronically jiggered into mp3 files that you can download and listen to, and I’ve also converted the stories into ebook formats that you can download from Smashwords:

After Jeff Goldblum And The Ripples In The Water
mp3 | pdf | mobi (Kindle) | epub (ereaders)

The Reality Machines
mp3 | pdf | mobi (Kindle) | epub (ereaders)

They’re hosted on the Wells Read Auditory page on the Electric Lantern Festival website, where there are lots of other stories from other Tunbridge Wells Writers as well. Be sure to go and take a look (and have a listen).


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