David Hulegaard interviews Tony Healey

I worked with both David Hulegaard and Tony Healey on two short story anthologies curated and edited by Bernard Schaffer - Kindle All Stars and Carnival Of Cryptids. Tony has recently published the supernatural crime thriller Hope's Peak, while David recently released the mystery novel Icarus - and resurrected the Hulegaard Books Podcast. Here he… Continue reading David Hulegaard interviews Tony Healey


Michael Ironside plays the chief of police again

I've written the theme music to another imaginary 1980s film: The Roborg New York, 1997. The near future. When a living machine is sent back in time to kill the President's daughter the Pentagon has no choice but to release Major Rex Cobra from electroprison and give him back his laserfist. Half robot, half cyborg,… Continue reading Michael Ironside plays the chief of police again