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Hope Speak

My online literary friend and frequent collaborator Tony Healey (Carnival Of Cryptids, Edge Of Oblivion, the cover art for Distant Machines) has written a long and detailed blog post about how he got a two-book deal with Thomas & Mercer and about how he wrote Hope’s Peak, the first book in his Harper & Ida psychic thriller (I guess that’d be the genre) series.

It’s a great self-publishing success story, and I’m delighted for him – he’s a talented writer and a really good guy.

If you’re interested in publishing, self-publishing, digital publishing or the writing process in general then I think you’ll find it interesting and well worth the read.

As Tony puts it:

“For writers out there who might be reading this, wondering how I got such a deal, let me lay it all out for you. Hopefully my transparency about the process will give you some insight – and a taste of what to expect should you attempt the same thing.”

You can read the article over at tonyhealey.com: My Two-Book Deal With Thomas & Mercer



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