Distant Machines

Three short stories that speculate about the distant machines that may or may not influence mankind’s future.

Perks Of The Job Two detectives investigate a death caused by excessive genetic enhancement. Where do we draw the line when our bodies can be changed at will?

Still In a post-apocalyptic world a man and his son meet a wandering stranger who puts their whole life in jeopardy, and who makes them ask: what is the most precious commodity in a world without oil?

The Death Machine Luxury euthanasia…live the death of your choice! Your statutory rights are not affected.

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Praise from readers

“[Still] conjures the bleak majesty of THE ROAD by Cormac Macarthy, and in the moral dilemma presented within the story, it reminded me very strongly of one of my favorite-ever-novels, THE EARTH ABIDES by George R Stewart. Simon pulls no punches with his prose, and has a clean, hard style that reads well.”



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