Vampires vs Zombies

Bub, from Day Of The DeadI heard a programme on Radio 4 the other day called Vampires vs Zombies. Colon-stompingly awesome, you might think...but bear in mind that this was Radio 4, so there was less of the relentless visceral blood-spattered cerebellum chewing and more of the psychological investigation of the relative sociocultural evolutions of… Continue reading Vampires vs Zombies


Obscure books

A recent post by C. J. Hall (well, relatively recent) is about how independent high-street bookshops are dwindling away and dying, leaving only the homogenised W.H. Borderstones Etc or the write-by-numbers horrors of the supermarket aisle as the last repository of actual physical books that we can leaf through and sniff and rub against ourselves… Continue reading Obscure books