The other Tunbridge Wells writers

The Tunbridge Wells Writers group continues to evolve, so now seems like a good time to introduce some of the other writers from the group:

Chris Hall – fiction – writer of The Laurel Harvest, a novel, as well as an excellent trilogy of short stories built around the theme of famous historical figures visiting the protagonist to provide advice, menace, or just another perspective.

Peter Seal – non-fiction – writer of What’s It All About Alfie?, an alternative self-help book that really is a self-help book…in that only you can help yourself.

David Smith – fiction, poetry – writer of essays for a Creative Writing degree that he currently seems to hate, and of poems and short fiction that I’m guessing he likes significantly more.

There are others as well, but they aren’t as prominent on the web (yet).

So if you live in the Tunbridge Wells or in the West Kent area and enjoy writing – or hate it but feel compelled to do it nonetheless – then why not come along and join the group…?


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