Bust writer’s block: the flowchart technique

Every writer knows about the dreaded writer's block. Whether you're working on flash fiction, a short story or a novel, there are times when you just hit a wall.

Those words just.




Well, that's not a problem for me. Not any more, anyway. Because I've come up with a way to beat it that has been 100% effective for me.

But don't worry, there's no need to hate me - I'm going to share it with you.

A brightly coloured close-up photograph of electronic technology.

Something something something aliens

Writing my sci-fi story Fool's Gambit got me wondering: what is science fiction? What is the definition? Where do the boundaries lie? What are the rules? I'm sure there are a lot of well-researched and philosophical articles out there that Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein* their way towards a perfectly serviceable definition, but frankly I can't… Continue reading Something something something aliens


Michael Ironside plays the chief of police

I've written the theme music to three 1980s films that don't exist but which should. Blood Hack: Los Angeles, 1997. The near future. When a gang of cyberterrorists implants a computer virus into the president's cerebral cortex, a former hacker is forced to return to a past he thought he'd left behind--uploading himself into the… Continue reading Michael Ironside plays the chief of police


Gee Rodriguez and the rottweiler witch – a blog about Clean Reader

If you haven't heard of Clean Reader yet then allow me to enlighten you: it's an app that automatically changes swears and other types of "profane" words in ebooks into more acceptable language.

I know! What kind of terrified baby would want or need something like that?

Well, apparently some people do. Though what they make of the internet I have no idea.

Here are my thoughts on why it's kind of OK in one way but mainly not OK in pretty much all other ways...