The Slender Man – ebook launch

On the 27th of October I will be releasing my short horror story, The Slender Man. It’s about 18,000 words long (so quite a long short story), and will be available as an ebook via Amazon and Smashwords.

The Slender Man is a pretty terrifying character, I think – read more about him here – and as far as I’m aware this is the first time that the mythos has been put into a traditional fiction format. There are no fiction ebooks on Amazon or Smashwords, in any case, so I think it’s a first for those channels.

If you’re interested then you can follow the launch via my Facebook Slender Man launch page, via this blog, or via my Twitter feed – search for #slenderbook to find related tweets. I’ll be providing more information as well as some freebies closer to the launch date. 

The ebook is released just before Hallowe’en, so if you’re looking for some creepy fiction to get yourself in the mood on All Hallow’s Eve then why not give it a try…?


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