Become a Far From Home Hero

My internet friend and fellow Kindle All Star Tony Healey is about to publish Far From Home 2: Commander, and to celebrate the launch he is giving three people the chance to appear as a character in the third installment in the series, Far From Home 3: Hero.

To win this chance all you have to do is download Far From Home 1: Legend from Amazon, Smashwords or direct from Tony, read it, leave a review on Amazon and then e-mail Tony with a link to your review.


Full details (including links to the book on Amazon, Smashwords etc) are available at
– head on over and see whether you can be the next Bilbo Baggins or Sancho Panza or Milo Minderbinder or Voldemort (I have to admit that I don’t know whether you’ll end up as a hero or a villain).


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