Cropped photograph of two railway freight carriages in the desert. Image © Jennifer Pendergast

100WC – Ed

Image © Jennifer Pendergast

I met Ed on a train.

I jumped it outside San Isidro and there he was, bundled in the corner of one of the freight cars.

Drink? he asked, like it was nothing, and offered up a bottle wrapped in brown paper.

After that we rode the tracks together for a while – Pecos, Sonora, Crystal City – until I left him in Abilene with a big-eyed girl he swore he loved. I never saw him again after that.

Some say he’s in jail, others that he got religion. Some say he died.

They’re wrong. He’ll always be on a train going somewhere.

# # #

This is a 100-word flash fiction story, prompted by the picture you can see up there, as part of Friday Fictioneers.

Click here if you’d like to take part, and click here to read other pieces.


16 thoughts on “100WC – Ed”

  1. Good story. I sometimes wonder what it would had been like as a hobo. … But then, I think it would be very lonely. Like the way you told this story.

  2. I get the feeling that no matter where Ed really is, in the narrator's mind he's travelling the trainlines alongside him, in his memories. Well told.

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