The Slender Man

When Adam Bradford’s sister goes missing he drops everything to assist the police, travelling up to the isolated village where she lived.

When he arrives at her cottage, however, he discovers a life in disarray and a bedroom filled with cryptic notes and mysterious blurred photographs.

At first he puts this obsession down to some kind of psychological disorder, but after he experiences a series of disturbing events he begins to question whether there is any truth to the myth of the Slender Man…

The Slender Man is a horror novella that creepypasta fans will love – buy the ebook online now from the following retailers:

Praise from readers

“Throughout the book there’s a sense of creeping dread which few authors can pull off successfully. Cox is one of them and The Slender Man is one of the few books of this genre which I’ve found genuinely scary. It’s a lot like watching a horror film and feeling that tense fear of knowing that something terrible is going to happen. He uses a backdrop of rural silence upon which to impose the sounds of the unseen creature — ‘the clack-clack-clack like ancient bones being beaten against one another’ — all the more menacing because they’re so out of place. And like the shadow seen from the corner of your eye, the Slender Man generates fear from his indistinctness.”

“It’s sharp and short, working especially well when read in one hit, it seemed to me to be just one continuous page of ominous text. I don’t know quite how he did it but there was an incredible sense of pervasive dread that gave a seriously creepy feel to the book.”

“Not normally the kind of book I’d read but I was gripped from the beginning and read it in a day. Would definitely recommend it.”

The Slender Man by Simon John Cox over


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