Cropped photograph of two railway freight carriages in the desert. Image © Jennifer Pendergast

100WC – Ed

I met Ed on a train. I jumped it outside San Isidro and there he was, bundled in the corner of one of the freight cars. Drink? he asked, like it was nothing, and offered up a bottle wrapped in brown paper. After that we rode the tracks together for a while – Pecos, Sonora,… Continue reading 100WC – Ed


100WC #43 – A Child Of Fire

100 Word Challenge #43 Prompt: ...the flame flickered before... It was the only thing that he truly understood. Something that he had created, that he had brought to life from phosphorous, wax and string. There was a purity and a truth to it. That’s what he’d say, anyway. To the psychologists. He’d talk about a… Continue reading 100WC #43 – A Child Of Fire