Swallowing Amazon

As Phoenix Sullivan suggested that I republish my story from the Extinct anthology, I have gone ahead and used Amazon’s dtp site to make The Restoration Man available for the Kindle (if you’re in the UK you can buy it here, if you’re in the US you can buy it here).

I was quite pleased with how easy it was, and quite liked seeing my name up in dim, tiny lights, so I also put another short story up there that I’ve been sitting on for a while – Last Chance (although for some reason it’s not gone up on the US site yet).

Then after I did that I realised that I needed an author page. Needed. So I set one of those up as well. Well, two, really, because you get one for the UK site and one for the US site. Although it’s technically the same page, I think.

But there you go! I am now digitally enhanced.


3 thoughts on “Swallowing Amazon”

  1. Hi Chris

    I just took a photograph, cut around it in MSPaint (a bit fiddly) and then just jiggled it about using various filters in Inkscape ( – it's a free open-source Illustrator clone).

    I'm sure there are quicker, easier and more elegant ways of achieving the same result. Or better, more likely!


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