Harlan Ellison Specficanth

I just found out that my short story Perks Of The Job has been accepted for inclusion in a Harlan Ellison-approved anthology of speculative fiction, the profits for which will go to the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children.

The editor, Bernard J. Schaffer, contacted Ellison on setting up the project (codenamed Kindle All Stars) and received the following response:

“Few projects slung my way, these days of electronic idiocy and bad writing, can perk me up and get the fireworks. This is one of the best, sweetest ideas I’ve heard in years. Nothing but the smiles of Success are due the project, the people putting it together, and the good kids who will benefit from every penny garnered. I am 100% and a bag of marmosets behind it”

Very exciting.

So if you’re a Kindle author and you’re also interested in submitting something, you can find the submission guidelines here.


2 thoughts on “Harlan Ellison Specficanth”

  1. Woot! Congrats! Great cause and great exposure (plus I've always been partial to marmosets). You'll be seeing lots more acceptances, I'm quite sure. Talent will out.

    (off topic, I sent a reply to your KB msg, but while the msg says I replied, it's not in my sent box. don't want you to think I've snubbed you if you didn't receive it!)(and I haven't forgotten my reading assignment. today or tomorrow, i swear!)

  2. Thanks!

    Don't worry, I wouldn't think you'd snubbed me; I'm badly organised enough that I'd just assume you'd done what I do, and deleted the message by mistake or something. I'll check in to KB and take a look…

    And no pressure on that reading! If you can do it at all then I'll be massively grateful!

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