Z Poster

See life (or rather death) through the eyes of a zombie – only in the macabre triptych Totentanz!


Discover how the shambling hordes of the undead really feel! Experience for yourself their lust for blood! Feel for yourself their vicious hunger for human flesh! All from the safety of your Kindle!


2 thoughts on “Z Poster”

  1. These are too fun! Why aren't you posting over in Kindle Boards???

    Do you have a third poster planned? I'd love to put these up on my site on Thursday – just a bit before Halloween if that's OK.

  2. Thanks! I did post them on my Totentanz thread in the Book Bazaar on Kindleboards, but my threads/posts on there usually just pass without comment and sink forever…

    I do have a third one planned, but I don't think it's quite as cool as the other two, so I'm less motivated by it. But my mild OCD means that I can't have three stories and just two posters, so I'll probably end up finishing it anyway…

    And I'd be delighted if you wanted to put them up on your site!

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