The Dilemma Of Juche

Whilst living as my alter-ego of a deluded martial arts wannabe I recently wrote an article for Vision TKD about the ITF Taekwon-Do pattern Juche. The article is called The Dilemma Of Juche, and it explores my hypothesis that the removal of the pattern Ko-Dang and its replacement by the pattern Juche was done by General Choi at the request of the North Korean leader Kim, Il-Sung, and it also explains why I hold the opinion that a pattern that celebrates a particular political ideology is inappropriate for Taekwon-Do.

“General Choi was certainly not a communist – he fought the communist North during the Korean War, he served for many years in the South Korean army, he worked closely with the US military and in 1972 he moved his family and the ITF headquarters to Canada – so what might have caused him to get rid of Ko-Dang and bring in Juche, with all of its communist connotations?”

If you don’t do Taekwon-Do then so far most of this will be utterly incomprehensible to you, I expect, but the article doesn’t require any particular prior knowledge of Taekwon-Do and so it is possibly a good read for TKDers and non-TKDers alike. Plus it has pictures. 

You can read the whole thing here: The Dilemma Of Juche (PDF).

Shameless plug alert: I have written a short story set in Pyongyang, North Korea, about the technology from the TV show Quantum Leap being real and being stolen by Kim, Jong-Il. It’s called A Quantum Leap. It’s got no Taekwon-Do in it, but if you’re interested in North Korea then you might enjoy it. 


1 thought on “The Dilemma Of Juche”

  1. The general writes about his time in North Korea in the two volume books about his life. They reunite him with lost family members. The General was not naive about the North. He took US citizens with his display team as a form of insurance…

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