Distant Machines

My collection of three definitely speculative fiction and probably vaguely science fiction short stories, Distant Machines, is now available as an ebook from and

I think it’s also available on the .fr, .de, .it and .es versions of Amazon as well, but it’s in English so they probably don’t care and hencely and thusforth I’m not shouting about it. It’s not that I’m being all Luis Suarez or John Terry (allegedly) or anything. Some of my best friends are .fr/.de/.it/.es etc etc.

And I know I said this in the last post that I wrote about it, but I want to point out again that the fantastic cover was designed by Tony Healey, who runs Fringe Scientist.

Also my short story The Restoration Man is still available for free from all the Amazons – grab yourself a copy before tomorrow when the promotion ends. Get it here if you’re a .commer and here if you’re a .co.uker.


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