100WC #44 – Liz

100 Word Challenge #44

Prompt: Write a poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme or be specifically about the Monarch but it should capture the passing of sixty years.

Though union flags are hanging up in windows and from trees,
And remnants of an empire wave them for your jubilee,
That red-white-blue’s more likely found in Brits abroad tattoos
(I bet you didn’t foresee this way back in fifty-two).
Today your droitis dieu no more, it is the common man,
And gloria always sic transits, so enjoy it while you can:
One day the world will blink its eye, then what remains of Liz?
A monument, a statue and a question in a quiz.

Apologies to all real poets out there; I hate writing poems, and only wrote one here to keep up my impressive 100% participation record (six out of six, yeah!) in the 100 Word Challenge. 


8 thoughts on “100WC #44 – Liz”

  1. Nothing to apologise about, its very enjoyable! I also don't do poetry and am fiddling around with one – not sure I'll post this week!

  2. Thank you so much for taking up the challenge which was a challenge for you! That is what 100wcgu is all about. I do think this Liz will be remembered for some wonderful service!

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