The Slender Man – ebook launch – update

I’m really excited by the interest that’s been shown so far in the launch of my ebook short story The Slender Man.

The Facebook launch event is thrumming along quite nicely, with more than 40 lovely people attending and getting involved along the way, and my advance readers have already returned some quite unexpected praise for it:

“This is the kind of story that makes you afraid to peer out the window into the darkness and makes you glance over your shoulder as you walk from your car to the front door. The tension builds from the first scene to a finale that will stick with you long after you’ve read the last lines.”

I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I’m not a big fan of horror because I’m a coward, but this really gripped and had me tensed up exactly like a good horror should.”

“It felt so realistic – you could relate to [the protagonist’s] reactions and thoughts perfectly. Beautifully written stuff and I was utterly absorbed.”

It was thoroughly creepy…I thought it was just wonderful.”

Some details:

It’s about 18,000 words long (so quite a long short story – a novella?), and will be available from the 27th of October (just in time for Hallowe’en) from Amazon as a .mobi file (for Kindle) and from Smashwords in .mobi, .epub, .pdf and other formats (which should cover most other e-readers, including iPhones and iPads).

Get involved: read an excerpt here: The Slender Man ebook preview; join the Facebook group here: Facebook Slender Man launch page; or follow the launch via my Twitter feed – search for #slenderbook to find related tweets and perhaps indulge in slender-themed silliness.


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