Slender Man – follow-up and thanks

So, my horror ebook The Slender Man has been out there on, and Smashwords for about a week now, and I’ve been bowled over by the response. The feedback from readers has been universally positive, and I’ve been lucky enough to have had readers tell their friends about how much they enjoyed the book and to recommend that they read it, which as a writer is an amazing feeling.

Some of the reviews have been extremely positive, with the following review from Beth at Oxo Cube Editorial particularly kind:

I’d also like to thank the people who read the book ahead of time and provided feedback that helped me to tighten and revise it into its final form. In particular:

Matt Posner (@schooloftheages), author of the School Of The Ages series
J J Toner (@jjtoner_ya), author of the Ben Jordan books
Keri Knutson (@keriknutson), author of the Maddie Pryce Mystery series
Tony Healey (@fringescientist), author of the Far From Home series
Nathan Robinson (@raify_robinson)
Tom Armitage
Gylen Boardman
Giles Griffiths
David Martin
Richard Kirby

Many thanks to all of you – it wouldn’t have become the story that it is without your input.


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