Carnival of Cryptids – Jeff Provine

Here’s the second of my clumsy pseudo-interviews to mark the launch of Carnival of Cryptids, the second Kindle All-Stars short story anthology. As with Matt Posner, I asked Jeff Provine to tell me what was his favourite and least favourite cryptid. Here’s what he said:

Favorite cryptid:  Plesiosaur

I’ve always had a soft spot for Nessie, whereas I distinctly remember as a kid being so scared by Bigfoot on Unsolved Mysteries that I couldn’t go even into dark rooms.  The idea of an ancient creature living beneath murky waters is so appealing: why not?  Who can say it’s not there without extensive scientific research?  The coelacanth was believed to be extinct these millions of years until a fisherman caught one off the coast of Madagascar in 1938.  Why not long-necked, finned dinos, too?  And there’s certainly no shortage of supposed lake monsters: Nessie, Champ, Ogopogo, you name it.

Least favorite cryptid:  Bigfoot Hunter

I’ve seen these usually tall and burly creatures recorded on television, but I’ve never seen solid evidence of one myself.  They are argued to be hominid, perhaps even living among us, and that they can be distinguished by wild manes of hair or strange headgear, often both.  Most distinguishable is their fascination with Bigfoot, whom they pursue and attempt to prove through whatever nonscientific means available.  They are not to be confused with the actual Bigfoot researcher using systematic science to determine the existence of the bipedal ape and can be best discovered at their agitation following any questions.  “See those orange peels?  That’s proof Bigfoot was here.  Bigfoot loves oranges.” “How do you know it’s not just some camper?” “Because those are oranges, and we’re hunting Bigfoot!  Clearly there wouldn’t be oranges if we weren’t on the trail of Bigfoot!”

You can read more about Jeff on his Amazon Author’s Page.

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