Tunbridge Wells Writers Dot Org Dot You Kay

OK, so, if you’re following the Tunbridge Wells Writers on Twitter or on Facebook or even in real actual life at The Black Pig on alternate Tuesdays like I haven’t been then you’ll probably already be aware that the site has outgrown its previous home and has been dragged away and dumped into a new patch of internet.

It looks and feels a bit different – there’s a lovely picture of someone (whose name from now on I shall insist for absolutely no reason at all is Orville Gaspar Chalk and shall not be persuaded otherwise) reading a book in the lee of the Wellington Rocks, and the navigation is cleaner.

So, with only a relatively small amount of further ado – honestly, so little further ado as to make no difference, so little that you probably wouldn’t even go so far as to call it further ado at all – such an insignificant amount of further ado that in fact I don’t even know why I mentioned it at all – with that little further ado (i.e. hardly any, not really any worth mentioning, at any rate) the new URL is

Pretty straightforward, really. So make sure you update your links or bookmarks, and don’t forget to check back often to see what the group is up to.


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