100WC – The Ghostichord


Photo of an old-fashioned piano - image © Jan W. Fields
Image © Jan W. Fields

Introducing the new GHOSTICHORD™ from Spookmann – now YOU TOO can play like Rachmaninoff!

How does it work?

Simply place the jar containing the spirit of the deceased musician into the patented HAUNTBOX™ compartment situated on the right of the keyboard, sit down and let the spectre take care of the rest.

Whether you want to play Mendelsson on a Monday or Fauré on a Friday – simply allow your fingers to be guided by a musical genius from beyond the grave!

The GHOSTICHORD comes with an afterlifetime guarantee and features fully ectoplasm-resistant surfaces.

Spirits of dead musicians sold separately.

# # #

This is a 100-word flash fiction story, prompted by the picture you can see up there, as part of Friday Fictioneers.

Click here if you’d like to take part, and click here to read other pieces.


11 thoughts on “100WC – The Ghostichord”

  1. It’s great to have a laugh and escape a little. I’d also purchase a Ghostistrum where you insert the spirit of modern guitarists some of which left us far too early …

    1. When I saw the picture all I could see was how far over to the left the keyboard was. After that, the most obvious conclusion to draw was that the space on the right-hand side was a compartment to house the captured spirit of a piano-playing ghost.

  2. What a clever idea, I love it! Although I can see the problem with this fabulous product already — guessing those spirits of dead musicians are hard to find, at least the good ones.. Any that I can afford are probably going to be knock-offs!

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