100WC #39 – Those Who Fail

100 Word Challenge #39

Prompt: ….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you….
Those Who Fail
“I’m exhausted.”
“Shut the door behind you.”
“What?” he says. The rain outside makes everything seem too close. The house feels like a womb.
“I need you to leave,” I say.
“I’m not going anywhere until we’ve fixed this.” He is a knight, a hero. Why now? Why not before?
“I’ve had enough,” I say, “It’s over.”
“Like last time?”
His bitterness is the rust that creeps at the edges of our relationship. I look away, and suddenly he is leaning forward, his hand on mine.
“Look, we can work it out,” he says.
The rain falls silent, and for one dizzying moment I believe him. 

8 thoughts on “100WC #39 – Those Who Fail”

  1. I was also going to comment on the “bitterness is the rust” line. Very effective piece!

  2. Hello & welcome to 100WCGU! I'm SO glad you found us because this is just a super piece to read. As others have said – that rust is brilliant! I would love it to have a really happy ending but that is for another piece!

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