100WC #40 – Jack

100 Word Challenge #40

Prompt: Ruby
So I go to the basement where I know they’ll bring you an it’s a filthy Dallas mornin an there’s pills in my belly an the ugly lil .38 snub in my pocket is black an cold as sin an there’s police everywhere so you must be comin an I hate you so goddamn much I feel dizzy an then you’re stood right there an the gun’s in my hand an then whamit’s done an you’re bleedin like a pig an nothin’s changed an the president’s still dead an I hope you burn in hell you goddamn lil communist. 

10 thoughts on “100WC #40 – Jack”

  1. Thanks! I should point out that I know it might not be as simple as “Grrrr, Ruby hate Oswald, Ruby kill Oswald” but I chose to ignore all the conspiracy stuff and the mafia links etc because a) it's fiction so I can do what I like and b) I only had 100 words after all.

  2. Wow, not what I was expecting. Great take on the prompt! (Recently read Stephen King's book based on the assassination- think you got the “voice” spot on )

  3. I never thought of that! As I was brainstorming, this completely missed me. But not you. The depth of hatred and revenge are undeniable and consistent with a hoodlum who had mafia connections. I had to google him too. But that just makes your piece so much richer. Terrific.

  4. What an imaginative take on the prompt. I remember that day very clearly. Thank you so much for joining up for the 100WCGU!

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