100WC #41 – What Will Come

100 Word Challenge #41

Under hedges laid like rope the sleeping giants lie. Washed and buried these ancients wait, silenced by time and lost in stories of the past. Above them blow the sorrowful winds, above them walk the lonely hearts, and the restless men who pull them from the rocks know nothing of their whims. These bones once shook the stars, and in our arrogance we disturb their fragile peace. There are always more monsters than heroes; that is the algebra of myth. When they come –and they will come – we will love them and hate them and fear them.

This story draws on the “King In The Mountain” / “Chained Satan” folklore motif, which I have always found very romantic and highly evocative. You can read about it on Wikipedia (where else?).


8 thoughts on “100WC #41 – What Will Come”

  1. The other comments all beat me to it – I too love the line 'more monsters than heroes'. The imagery was great. Really evocative piece.

  2. Have just been reading the 'King in the Mountain' article referenced – very interesting. As such, I love the line, “These bones once shook the stars…” We would certainly “…love them and hate them and fear them,” if they can change what is written… Excellent piece of writing.

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