100WC #45 – The Age Of Austerity

100 Word Challenge #45

Prompt: There’s a real buzz about this place

Grimed windows, thick with dust, a door restrained by nails and wood. Stubborn prongs of weeds forcing slow cracks in mortar. Scabs of paint that flake and flutter in the wind. A plastic sign with missing letters, a tooth-decay smile, gaps marked by algae shadows and dripping streaks of rust. A dark cavern within, its stalagmites piled-up tables and chairs, the welcome mat lost beneath a drift of unread mail. In the window by the door a sellotaped cutting from a newspaper, a faded spectre of print: there’s a real buzz about this place, it says.


3 thoughts on “100WC #45 – The Age Of Austerity”

  1. Fantastic! Scabs of paint, drift of unread mail, faded spectre of print. Brilliant imagery at odds with a vibrant past. Really enjoyed it.

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