100WC #46 – PVS

100 Word Challenge #46

Prompt: …in the dark recess of my mind…

They talk about me all the time. They think I can’t hear them.
They think I’m gone for good, but I’m not. I just can’t come back.
This is where I live now: in the dark recess of my mind. Where life is peaceful and even the shadows are edged with gold. 
It’s perfect here. There’s no pain, and as the world outside fades the past grows more real: memories delicate and beautiful, like tiny wishes fulfilled. Birthdays and holidays, all of us together, incandescent with youth and happiness.
They talk about turning off the machine.
I wish I could tell them about this place.
I wish they knew. 


11 thoughts on “100WC #46 – PVS”

  1. I really like how you've used the repetition in this, starting with the double 'they' and ending with the double 'I'. And I love the line “memories delicate and beautiful, like tiny wishes fulfilled” A great piece of writing.

  2. Thanks! People tell me I use repetition a lot in my writing, and I think that on reflection I do.

    On reflection.

    On reflection I do.

    But I don't really set out to do it, it just happens. Then I read back what I've written and like it, so I leave it…

  3. I like the repetition! the sense of separation from others while revelling in the unexpected beauty of your situation is terrific. Looking forward to reading next week's!

  4. I read this several times – it holds such positive meaning for somebody who is now at peace within themselves. A great piece of writing.

  5. This is so beautifully written. It's a very interesting interpretation of what might be happening inside the person we wish we could just call back. I think the not being sure is what keeps people from turning off the life support even when they're told there's no hope. Wonderful take on the prompt.

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