100WC #47 – And finally…

100 Word Challenge #47


A garage that supplies drinks instead of fuel has caused bemusement among drivers.

The three pumps, which deliver tea, coffee and milk, have flummoxed motorists, many of whom have suffered thousands of pounds worth of damage to their engines after mistakenly filling up with ten gallons of espresso.
“I only noticed because of the smell,” said Beverley Swinn, 46, from Bexhill, “It’s madness. What kind of idiot thinks you can run a car on Earl Grey?”
But owner Charlie Hepper is adamant that he is in the right.
“After all,” he says, “Didn’t you ever hear of the Model Tea Ford?”


9 thoughts on “100WC #47 – And finally…”

  1. Ho Ho HO, Beverley! What kind of idiot follows his advice? Emperor's new tea bags I think. very imaginative, so I'll do it justice not plagiarize – my thinking was along similar lines, you got there quicker. Smart :)

  2. I found this one really hard too. Didn't inspire me somehow, but I suppose that's when you really have to try. I liked your piece – interesting to not always have a piece of creative writing, but a news piece.

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