I haven’t been writing much on here lately, but that’s because, as I said not long ago, I have been like a hypercaffeinated hummingbird with ADHD as far as actual real writing is concerned.

Plus there’s my job and life etc.

Anyway. I’ve made progress, the most significant of which being that I have finished two pieces for the Tunbridge Wells Writers project to support the Tunbridge Wells Electric Lantern Festival (yes, I know, the site says 2011, but there is a 2012 festival in the works) – one is called The Reality Machines and the other is called After Jeff Goldblum And The Ripples In The Water.

There are around 20 short stories and poems in total, and all of them are about (or are intended to be read in) specific locations within Tunbridge Wells.

The exciting thing about these is that we are going to be working with Sam Marlow to record them in situ and then make them available for download as MP3 files (as well as publishing the stories online and making them compatible with ereaders, of course), the idea being that people visit the places and read or listen to the stories in the place about which they were written. I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Oh, also on the 7th of September I’m going to the Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility in Didcot to go on a tour of the place, pick up my copy of the anthology that includes my short story The PĂ©lissier Scroll, and talk to some schoolchildren about writing and stuff. They’re going to look at me with utter contempt, I just know it.


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