TWW ELF Editing

I’ve finally almost finished editing the last of the Tunbridge Wells Writers pieces for the 2012 Electric Lantern Festival.

There’s a huge variety within them, and a variety of locations in and around Tunbridge Wells – the brief was to write a piece that was either to do with a certain place in Tunbridge Wells or that was intended to be read in a certain place in Tunbridge Wells, and instead of getting twenty stories about the Pantiles we’ve got pieces about Toad Rock, Calverley Grounds, the Forum, the old cinema, the Opera House, and the mathematician Thomas Bayes…

Obviously there are some stories about the Pantiles – obviously – but it’s interesting to see that, for people who live in Tunbridge Wells, the Pantiles isn’t the main focus. Not for their literary inspiration, anyway.

Next steps: formatting them, turning them into ebooks, and recording them in and around Tunbridge Wells…


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