Reality Machines, Jeff Goldblum and Goth Christmas

Bradley Wiggins reads Simon John Cox

Last night I recorded the two short stories that I wrote for the Tunbridge Wells Electric Lantern Festival. Sam Marlow and I went to Calverley Grounds and then to the old cinema to record my two pieces, entitled The Reality Machines and After Jeff Goldblum And The Ripples In The Water. As a consummate professional I read them flawlessly, but unfortunately a screaming child (who perhaps mistook me for Bradley Wiggins) and then a passing Waitrose lorry meant that I had to do two “takes” (as they’re called in the business). But they’re now “in the can” (as it’s called in the business), and ready to host online as audiobooks once the project launches. And of course there will be ebook versions to download as well. More to follow about all that as it progresses…

In other writing news my draft horror story is getting good feedback from beta readers, and should be edited and tweaked and polished and made available to read very soon. Certainly well in time for Hallowe’en (or Goth Christmas as it’s sometimes known). As a teaser for you, I can reveal that it’s the first story that I’ve ever written that’s been based on an internet meme.


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