100WC – Mushrooms

The mushrooms first appeared at the bottom of the garden by the bleached wood fence. They prodded up through the carpet of dead needles and spread their bone-white caps for a week before sinking back into the earth.

That was the first year. The second year they reached the tree, the third year the washing line.

It was a slow process, the invasion, but we found out later that time flowed differently for them. As we flashed above their heads they moved patiently through the soil, and by the time we realised what was coming up from beneath us it was too late.

# # #

This is a 100-word flash fiction story, prompted by the picture you can see up there, as part of Friday Fictioneers.

Click here if you’d like to take part, and click here to read other pieces.


16 thoughts on “100WC – Mushrooms”

  1. Thanks! I like the throwaway nature of these 100-word pieces, but every now and then I think “this could be something much longer”…and then never do anything with it because I generally always have a long writing project and a short writing project on the go anyway…

  2. Thanks for the link. I knew that what we see at the surface was only the tip of the organism, but I didn't know they got THAT big. I thought I was writing science fiction…turns out I was just writing science.

  3. Thanks Susannah. I've always used Blogger so I stick with it out of familiarity, but I think WordPress has a way better commenting system. Thanks for leaving your name – I just saw your site – I love the piece you wrote! It conveys the atmosphere and character extremely well.

  4. Dear Simon John,

    I started with Blogger. In fact, I used the same bookcase background. About three years ago I switched over to WordPress and have no regrets. It's easier to navigate, easier for commentors and much more interactive.

    I hope you don't mind putting in my two-cent's worth.



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