The Abyss

The man who was a hero stood before the corpses, his once-golden hair matted black to his scalp in thick and bloody knots, his skin tattooed with grime and criss-crossed by the scarred mementos of his many victories.

Picture taken looking up from the courtyard of an apartment block

Channel Six

Looking at the apartment block made me feel colder than the wind did. It was a grim cube of concrete and steel, designed by a communist architect during an age that knew no joy, and the low winter sky leached the life from it like a sponge.


Michael Ironside plays the chief of police again

I've written the theme music to another imaginary 1980s film: The Roborg New York, 1997. The near future. When a living machine is sent back in time to kill the President's daughter the Pentagon has no choice but to release Major Rex Cobra from electroprison and give him back his laserfist. Half robot, half cyborg,… Continue reading Michael Ironside plays the chief of police again

Picture of a London Underground train passing through a station


Pestilence crossed his legs as the train rattled through Chancery Lane station. He'd been on the tube since South Ruislip and, apart from a 6-year-old girl who had wrinkled her nose and peered at him with saucer eyes, no-one had looked at him twice.

A picture of the eagle nebula

The Universe Game

They discovered the first one in 2091, during the seismic lunar surveys. It was communicated to the lab at Mare Anguis 4, in that self-consciously ambiguous way that scientists have, as an 'anomaly' - an unexpected spike on the graph, an unusually sinuous line within the oscilloscope, a decimal place lurking too far to the left - which meant that they had got their predictions wrong.