Distant Machines

Three short stories that speculate about the distant machines that may or may not influence mankind's future. Perks Of The Job Two detectives investigate a death caused by excessive genetic enhancement. Where do we draw the line when our bodies can be changed at will? Still In a post-apocalyptic world a man and his son… Continue reading Distant Machines

A false-colour photograph of two people talking in front of the Juche Tower in Pyongyang, North Korea.

A Quantum Leap

The technology behind the TV show Quantum Leap is real, a black project run by the Pentagon in the 1980s to embed its spies directly into the minds of America's enemies. Shut down due to test subjects going out of control when inhabiting other bodies, the technology has been stolen by North Korea and the… Continue reading A Quantum Leap

A brightly coloured close-up photograph of electronic technology.

Something something something aliens

Writing my sci-fi story Fool's Gambit got me wondering: what is science fiction? What is the definition? Where do the boundaries lie? What are the rules? I'm sure there are a lot of well-researched and philosophical articles out there that Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein* their way towards a perfectly serviceable definition, but frankly I can't… Continue reading Something something something aliens


Michael Ironside plays the chief of police

I've written the theme music to three 1980s films that don't exist but which should. Blood Hack: Los Angeles, 1997. The near future. When a gang of cyberterrorists implants a computer virus into the president's cerebral cortex, a former hacker is forced to return to a past he thought he'd left behind--uploading himself into the… Continue reading Michael Ironside plays the chief of police